ESyS-Particle  2.3.2
DampingIGP.h File Reference
#include "Model/IGParam.h"
#include "Foundation/vec3.h"
#include <string>
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class  CDampingIGP
 Interaction group parameters for CDampingGroup. More...


CDampingIGPextractDampingIGP (AMPIBuffer *)

Function Documentation

CDampingIGP* extractDampingIGP ( AMPIBuffer B)

Extract parameters for a DampingGroup from a MPI-buffer

Bthe buffer

References AMPIBuffer::pop_double(), AMPIBuffer::pop_int(), AMPIBuffer::pop_string(), AMPIBuffer::pop_vector(), CDampingIGP::setMaxIter(), AIGParam::setName(), CDampingIGP::setTimeStep(), CDampingIGP::setType(), CDampingIGP::setVisc(), and CDampingIGP::setVRef().

Referenced by TRotSubLattice< T >::doAddDamping(), and TSubLattice< T >::doAddDamping().

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