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VectorParticleFieldSlaveTagged< T > Class Template Reference

class for slave part of scalar field defined on the particles More...

#include <VectorParticleFieldSlaveTagged.h>

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Public Member Functions

 VectorParticleFieldSlaveTagged (TML_Comm *, ParallelParticleArray< T > *, typename T::VectorFieldFunction, int, int)
virtual void sendData ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from VectorParticleFieldSlave< T >
 VectorParticleFieldSlave (TML_Comm *, ParallelParticleArray< T > *, typename T::VectorFieldFunction)
- Public Member Functions inherited from AFieldSlave
 AFieldSlave (TML_Comm *)
virtual ~AFieldSlave ()

Private Attributes

int m_tag
int m_mask

Additional Inherited Members

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T::VectorFieldFunction m_rdf
ParallelParticleArray< T > * m_ppa

Detailed Description

template<typename T>
class VectorParticleFieldSlaveTagged< T >

class for slave part of scalar field defined on the particles

Steffen Abe $Revision$ $Date$

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

template<typename T >
VectorParticleFieldSlaveTagged< T >::VectorParticleFieldSlaveTagged ( TML_Comm comm,
ParallelParticleArray< T > *  ppa,
typename T::VectorFieldFunction  rdf,
int  tag,
int  mask 


commthe TML communicator used for sending the data back to the master
ppaa pointer to the particle array
rdfthe particle member function to access the data
tagthe tag
maskthe mask

References VectorParticleFieldSlaveTagged< T >::m_mask, and VectorParticleFieldSlaveTagged< T >::m_tag.

Member Function Documentation

template<typename T >
void VectorParticleFieldSlaveTagged< T >::sendData ( )

send data back to master

Reimplemented from VectorParticleFieldSlave< T >.

Member Data Documentation

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