ESyS-Particle  2.3.2
esys::lsm::CheckPointInfo Class Reference

#include <CheckPointInfo.h>

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class  Impl

Public Member Functions

 CheckPointInfo ()
 ~CheckPointInfo ()
bool operator== (const CheckPointInfo &cpInfo) const
const GeometryInfogetGeometryInfo () const
void setGeometryInfo (const GeometryInfo &geoInfo)
const StringVectorgetLatticeDataFiles () const
void setLatticeDataFiles (const StringVector &fileNames)
int getNumTimeSteps () const
void setNumTimeSteps (int numTimeSteps)
int getTimeStep () const
void setTimeStep (int timeStep)
double getTimeStepSize () const
void setTimeStepSize (double timeStepSize)
void read (std::istream &iStream)
void write (std::ostream &oStream) const

Protected Member Functions

 CheckPointInfo (const CheckPointInfo &cpInfo)
CheckPointInfooperator= (const CheckPointInfo &cpInfo)

Private Attributes


Detailed Description

Summary of LSM check-point information.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

esys::lsm::CheckPointInfo::CheckPointInfo ( )
esys::lsm::CheckPointInfo::~CheckPointInfo ( )

References m_pImpl.

esys::lsm::CheckPointInfo::CheckPointInfo ( const CheckPointInfo cpInfo)

Member Function Documentation

const GeometryInfo & esys::lsm::CheckPointInfo::getGeometryInfo ( ) const

References esys::lsm::CheckPointInfo::Impl::m_geoInfo, and m_pImpl.

Referenced by CLatticeMaster::loadCheckPointData().

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const StringVector & esys::lsm::CheckPointInfo::getLatticeDataFiles ( ) const
int esys::lsm::CheckPointInfo::getNumTimeSteps ( ) const
int esys::lsm::CheckPointInfo::getTimeStep ( ) const

References m_pImpl, and esys::lsm::CheckPointInfo::Impl::m_timeStep.

Referenced by CLatticeMaster::loadCheckPointData().

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double esys::lsm::CheckPointInfo::getTimeStepSize ( ) const
CheckPointInfo& esys::lsm::CheckPointInfo::operator= ( const CheckPointInfo cpInfo)
bool esys::lsm::CheckPointInfo::operator== ( const CheckPointInfo cpInfo) const

References m_pImpl.

void esys::lsm::CheckPointInfo::read ( std::istream &  iStream)

References m_pImpl, and esys::lsm::CheckPointInfo::Impl::read().

Referenced by CLatticeMaster::loadCheckPointData().

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Here is the caller graph for this function:

void esys::lsm::CheckPointInfo::setGeometryInfo ( const GeometryInfo geoInfo)
void esys::lsm::CheckPointInfo::setLatticeDataFiles ( const StringVector fileNames)
void esys::lsm::CheckPointInfo::setNumTimeSteps ( int  numTimeSteps)
void esys::lsm::CheckPointInfo::setTimeStep ( int  timeStep)
void esys::lsm::CheckPointInfo::setTimeStepSize ( double  timeStepSize)
void esys::lsm::CheckPointInfo::write ( std::ostream &  oStream) const

References m_pImpl, and esys::lsm::CheckPointInfo::Impl::write().

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