ESyS-Particle  2.3.2
esys::lsm::CheckPointLoader::ParticleData Class Reference

#include <CheckPointLoader.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ParticleData ()
void read (std::istream &iStream)
- Public Member Functions inherited from CParticle
 CParticle ()
 CParticle (double, double, const Vec3 &, const Vec3 &, const Vec3 &, int, bool)
 CParticle (double, double, const Vec3 &, const Vec3 &, const Vec3 &, const Vec3 &, const Vec3 &, int, bool)
 CParticle (const esys::lsm::SimpleParticleData &particleData)
virtual ~CParticle ()
const Vec3getInitPos () const
void setInitPos (const Vec3 &initPos)
Vec3 getDisplacement () const
Vec3 getTotalDisplacement () const
const Vec3getOldPos () const
Vec3 getVel () const
double getAbsVel () const
void setVel (const Vec3 &V)
void setMass (double mass)
double getMass () const
double getInvMass () const
Vec3 getForce () const
virtual void setDensity (double)
void resetDisplacement ()
double getIDField () const
double getTagField () const
void applyForce (const Vec3 &, const Vec3 &)
virtual void integrate (double)
virtual void integrateTherm (double)
virtual void zeroForce ()
virtual void zeroHeat ()
virtual void thermExpansion ()
void moveToRel (const Vec3 &v)
double getKineticEnergy () const
 move relative to initial position
virtual void setNonDynamic ()
virtual void setNonDynamicLinear ()
virtual void setNonDynamicRot ()
void setFlag (bool b=true)
bool isFlagged () const
void writeAsDXLine (ostream &, int slid=0)
void print ()
void rescale ()
exchangeType getExchangeValues ()
void setExchangeValues (const exchangeType &)
void setCircular (const Vec3 &)
double sigma_xx_2D () const
double sigma_xy_2D () const
double sigma_yy_2D () const
double sigma_d () const
virtual void saveCheckPointData (std::ostream &oStream)
virtual void saveSnapShotData (std::ostream &oStream)
virtual void applyMoment (const Vec3 &)
virtual void loadCheckPointData (std::istream &iStream)
template<typename TmplVisitor >
void visit (TmplVisitor &visitor)
- Public Member Functions inherited from CBasicParticle
 CBasicParticle ()
 CBasicParticle (const Vec3 &pos, double radius, int id=-1, int tag=-1)
 CBasicParticle (const esys::lsm::SimpleParticleData &data)
virtual ~CBasicParticle ()
Vec3getPPos ()
Vec3 getPos () const
void setPos (const Vec3 &pos)
double getRad () const
int getID () const
void setID (int id)
void moveBy (Vec3 v)
 move relative to current position
void moveTo (Vec3 v)
 move absolute
void setRad (double r)
void setTag (int t)
 particle tag handling
int getTag () const
bool isValid () const
 CBasicParticle ()
 CBasicParticle (int, const Vec3 &, double)
Vec3getPPos ()
Vec3 getPos () const
double getRad () const
int getID () const
void moveBy (Vec3 v)
void moveTo (Vec3 v)
 move relative to current position
void setRad (double r)
 move absolute
- Public Member Functions inherited from esys::lsm::CheckPointable
 CheckPointable ()
virtual ~CheckPointable ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from CParticle
typedef double(CParticle::* ScalarFieldFunction )() const
typedef Vec3(CParticle::* VectorFieldFunction )() const
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from CParticle
static ScalarFieldFunction getScalarFieldFunction (const string &)
static VectorFieldFunction getVectorFieldFunction (const string &)
static void get_type ()
static void setDo2dCalculations (bool do2dCalculations)
static bool getDo2dCalculations ()
- Static Public Attributes inherited from CBasicParticle
static const CBasicParticle INVALID = CBasicParticle(Vec3::ZERO, 0.0, -1, -1)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from CParticle
void setForce (const Vec3 &force)
- Protected Attributes inherited from CParticle
Matrix3 m_sigma
 stress tensor.
Vec3 m_vel
Vec3 m_force
Vec3 m_oldpos
 position at the time of last neighbor search
Vec3 m_initpos
 position at time of construction
Vec3 m_circular_shift
 shift vector if particle is circular image
double m_mass
double m_div_mass
bool flag
bool m_is_dynamic

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

esys::lsm::CheckPointLoader::ParticleData::ParticleData ( )

Member Function Documentation

void esys::lsm::CheckPointLoader::ParticleData::read ( std::istream &  iStream)

References CParticle::loadCheckPointData().

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