ESyS-Particle  2.3.2
esys::lsm::GeometryInfo::Impl Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 Impl ()
 Impl (float version, const Vec3 &bBoxMin, const Vec3 &bBoxMax, const BoolVector &periodicDimensions, bool is2d=false)
Imploperator= (const Impl &impl)
bool operator== (const Impl &impl) const
 ~Impl ()
void read (std::istream &iStream)
void write (std::ostream &oStream) const
void writeWithoutVersion (std::ostream &oStream) const

Public Attributes

float m_version
Vec3 m_bBoxMin
Vec3 m_bBoxMax
BoolVector m_periodicDimensions
bool m_is2d

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

esys::lsm::GeometryInfo::Impl::Impl ( )
esys::lsm::GeometryInfo::Impl::Impl ( float  version,
const Vec3 bBoxMin,
const Vec3 bBoxMax,
const BoolVector periodicDimensions,
bool  is2d = false 
esys::lsm::GeometryInfo::Impl::~Impl ( )

Member Function Documentation

GeometryInfo::Impl & esys::lsm::GeometryInfo::Impl::operator= ( const Impl impl)
bool esys::lsm::GeometryInfo::Impl::operator== ( const Impl impl) const
void esys::lsm::GeometryInfo::Impl::read ( std::istream &  iStream)

References m_bBoxMax, m_bBoxMin, m_is2d, m_periodicDimensions, m_version, Vec3::X(), Vec3::Y(), and Vec3::Z().

Referenced by esys::lsm::GeometryInfo::read().

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Here is the caller graph for this function:

void esys::lsm::GeometryInfo::Impl::write ( std::ostream &  oStream) const

Write complete geometry info to output stream

oStreamthe output stream

References esys::lsm::GeometryInfo::writeWithoutVersion().

Referenced by esys::lsm::GeometryInfo::write().

Here is the call graph for this function:

Here is the caller graph for this function:

void esys::lsm::GeometryInfo::Impl::writeWithoutVersion ( std::ostream &  oStream) const

Write geometry info to output stream, except the version nr. of the .geo file. This output can't be read by the "read" function. It is used for the snapshot headers.

oStreamthe output stream

Referenced by esys::lsm::GeometryInfo::writeWithoutVersion().

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Member Data Documentation

bool esys::lsm::GeometryInfo::Impl::m_is2d
BoolVector esys::lsm::GeometryInfo::Impl::m_periodicDimensions

Indicates the dimensions which are periodic, element 0 indicates whether the x-dim is periodic, element 1 indicates whether the y-dim is periodic and element 2 indicates whether the z-dim is periodic.

Referenced by esys::lsm::GeometryInfo::getPeriodicDimensions(), esys::lsm::GeometryInfo::hasAnyPeriodicDimensions(), esys::lsm::GeometryInfo::isCompatible(), esys::lsm::GeometryInfo::isIdenticalGeometry(), operator=(), operator==(), read(), and esys::lsm::GeometryInfo::setPeriodicDimensions().

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