ESyS-Particle  2.3.2
esys::lsm::GougeConfigPrmsPy Class Reference

#include <GougeConfigPrmsPy.h>

Public Types

typedef GougeConfigPrmsBasePy Inherited

Public Member Functions

 GougeConfigPrmsPy (const BoundingBoxPy &bBox, double padRadius, const ParticleRndPackPrmsPy &roughnessPrms, const GrainRndPackPrmsPy &gougePrms, int maxInsertionFailures, const boost::python::list &periodicDimList, double tolerance=DBL_EPSILON *128, double connectionTolerance=DBL_EPSILON *128 *10, int blockConnTag=0)

Member Typedef Documentation

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

esys::lsm::GougeConfigPrmsPy::GougeConfigPrmsPy ( const BoundingBoxPy bBox,
double  padRadius,
const ParticleRndPackPrmsPy roughnessPrms,
const GrainRndPackPrmsPy gougePrms,
int  maxInsertionFailures,
const boost::python::list &  periodicDimList,
double  tolerance = DBL_EPSILON*128,
double  connectionTolerance = DBL_EPSILON*128*10,
int  blockConnTag = 0 

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