ESyS-Particle  2.3.2
esys::lsm::SimpleBlockPy Class Reference

#include <SimpleBlockPy.h>

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Public Member Functions

 SimpleBlockPy ()
 SimpleBlockPy (const boost::python::list &dimCount, double radius=0.5)
- Public Member Functions inherited from esys::lsm::SimpleSphereCollectionPy
 SimpleSphereCollectionPy ()
 SimpleSphereCollectionPy (const Inherited &particleCollection)
 SimpleSphereCollectionPy (const SimpleSphereCollectionPy &ssphereCollection)
 SimpleSphereCollectionPy (ParticlePoolPtr particlePoolPtr)
BoundingBoxPy getParticleBBoxPy () const
SimpleSphereIteratorPy getSimpleSphereIteratorPy ()
SimpleSpherePycreateParticlePy (const SimpleSpherePy &p)
void rotatePy (const Vec3Py &rotation, const Vec3Py &pt)
void translateByPy (const Vec3Py &translation)
- Public Member Functions inherited from esys::lsm::ParticleCollection< SimpleSpherePy >
 ParticleCollection ()
 ParticleCollection (ParticlePoolPtr particlePoolPtr)
 ParticleCollection (const ParticleCollection &p)
ParticleCollectionoperator= (const ParticleCollection &p)
virtual ~ParticleCollection ()
int getNumParticles () const
BoundingBox getParticleBBox () const
ParticleIterator getParticleIterator ()
ParticleConstIterator getParticleIterator () const
void translateBy (const Vec3 &vec)
void rotate (const Vec3 &rotation, const Vec3 &posn)
void incrementIdBy (typename Particle::Id idIncr)
void insertRef (Particle &p)
ParticlecreateParticle (const Particle &p)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from esys::lsm::SimpleSphereCollectionPy
typedef ParticleCollection
< SimpleSpherePy
typedef Inherited::ParticlePoolPtr ParticlePoolPtr
typedef IteratorPy
< ParticleCollection
< SimpleSpherePy >
- Protected Member Functions inherited from esys::lsm::ParticleCollection< SimpleSpherePy >
void noCheckInsertRef (Particle &p)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

esys::lsm::SimpleBlockPy::SimpleBlockPy ( )
esys::lsm::SimpleBlockPy::SimpleBlockPy ( const boost::python::list &  dimCount,
double  radius = 0.5 

References esys::lsm::SimpleBlockGenerator< TmplParticle >::createParticles().

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