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Class TriangulatedSurface

                                  object --+    
core.triangulatedSurface.TriangulatedSurface --+
                              object --+       |
                                       |       |
                core.modifier.Modifiable --+   |
                                           |   |
                         modifier.Modifiable --+

Instance Methods [hide private]
__init__(self, nodeSequence, faceSequence)
Initialise the mesh data.
writeSdl(self, f)

Inherited from modifier.Modifiable: apply, applySingle

Inherited from core.modifier.Modifiable: applySequence, getModifierList

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Method Details [hide private]

__init__(self, nodeSequence, faceSequence)


Initialise the mesh data.

  • nodeSequence - The list of triangle vertices.
  • faceSequence - A list three-tuples, with each three-tuple representing a triangular facet. Each three-tuple element is an index into the nodeSequence array indicating a vertex of the triangular facet.
Overrides: object.__init__
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writeSdl(self, f)

Overrides: modifier.Modifiable.writeSdl