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GenericShape Class Reference

#include <GenericShape.h>

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Public Member Functions

 GenericShape (string, string)
void insert (Vector3 pos, double radius, MNTable3D *ntable, int, int)
int bias ()
void setBias (int)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Shape
 Shape ()
void makeOrientationRandom (int i)
int useRandomOrientation ()
void setRandomOrientation ()
void setRandomPitch ()
void setRandomYaw ()
void setRandomRoll ()
Vector3 rotatePoint (Vector3 point)
void setPitch (double)
double getPitch ()
void setYaw (double)
double getYaw ()
void setRoll (double)
double getRoll ()
void setBondTag (int)
int getBondTag ()
void setParticleTag (int)
int getParticleTag ()
 ~Shape ()

Protected Attributes

vector< Vector3origins
vector< double > radii
vector< vector< int > > bonds
- Protected Attributes inherited from Shape
double pitch
double yaw
double roll
int bias_factor
int randomOrientation
int bondTag
int particleTag

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

GenericShape::GenericShape ( string  fileDB,
string  name 

References bonds, NEXTLINE, origins, and radii.

Member Function Documentation

int GenericShape::bias ( )

Show the bias of a given shape (ie how likely it is to occur. Note that the function must return a deterministic value.

Reimplemented from Shape.

void GenericShape::insert ( Vector3  pos,
double  radius,
MNTable3D ntable,
int  tag,
int  id 
void GenericShape::setBias ( int  i)

Set the bias of the given shape

biasthe bias of the shape

Reimplemented from Shape.

Member Data Documentation

vector<vector<int> > GenericShape::bonds

Referenced by GenericShape(), and insert().

vector<Vector3> GenericShape::origins

Referenced by GenericShape(), and insert().

vector<double> GenericShape::radii

Referenced by GenericShape(), and insert().

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