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HexAggregateInsertGenerator2DRand Class Reference

#include <HexAggregateInsertGenerator2DRand.h>

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Public Member Functions

 HexAggregateInsertGenerator2DRand ()
 HexAggregateInsertGenerator2DRand (double, double, int, int, double, double)
virtual ~HexAggregateInsertGenerator2DRand ()
virtual void fillIn (AVolume2D *, MNTable2D *, int, int)
- Public Member Functions inherited from HexAggregateInsertGenerator2D
 HexAggregateInsertGenerator2D ()
 HexAggregateInsertGenerator2D (double, double, int, int, double)
virtual ~HexAggregateInsertGenerator2D ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from InsertGenerator2D
 InsertGenerator2D ()
 InsertGenerator2D (double, double, int, int, double)
 InsertGenerator2D (double, double, int, int, double, bool)
virtual ~InsertGenerator2D ()
void setOldSeeding (bool)
virtual void generatePacking (AVolume2D *, MNTable2D *, int, int)
- Public Member Functions inherited from AGenerator2D
virtual ~AGenerator2D ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual void seedParticles (AVolume2D *, MNTable2D *, int, int)

Protected Attributes

double m_remove_prob

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

HexAggregateInsertGenerator2DRand::HexAggregateInsertGenerator2DRand ( )
HexAggregateInsertGenerator2DRand::HexAggregateInsertGenerator2DRand ( double  rmin,
double  rmax,
int  tries,
int  max_iter,
double  prec,
double  rprob 


rminminimum particle radius
rmaxmaximum particle radius
ntriesmax. nr. of tries to insert particle
max_itermaximum iterations within the iterative solvers
precmax. error in iterative solvers
rprobprobablility (0..1) that one of the particles is removed

References m_remove_prob.

virtual HexAggregateInsertGenerator2DRand::~HexAggregateInsertGenerator2DRand ( )

Member Function Documentation

void HexAggregateInsertGenerator2DRand::fillIn ( AVolume2D vol,
MNTable2D ntable,
int  gid,
int  tag 
void HexAggregateInsertGenerator2DRand::seedParticles ( AVolume2D vol,
MNTable2D ntable,
int  gid,
int  tag 

seed the area with particles

vola pointer to the packing volume
ntablea pointer to the neighbour table used
gidparticle group id
tagthe particle tag

Reimplemented from HexAggregateInsertGenerator2D.

References MNTable2D::checkInsertable(), AVolume::getBoundingBox(), Sphere::Id(), MNTable2D::insert(), MNTable2D::insertBond(), MNTable2D::insertChecked(), AVolume::isIn(), m_remove_prob, InsertGenerator2D::m_rmax, InsertGenerator2D::m_rmin, and Sphere::setTag().

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Member Data Documentation

double HexAggregateInsertGenerator2DRand::m_remove_prob

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