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BoxWithJointSet Class Reference

#include <BoxWithJointSet.h>

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Public Member Functions

 BoxWithJointSet ()
 BoxWithJointSet (const Vector3 &, const Vector3 &)
virtual ~BoxWithJointSet ()
virtual const map< double,
const AGeometricObject * > 
getClosestObjects (const Vector3 &, int) const
void addJoints (const TriPatchSet &)
virtual bool isIn (const Sphere &)
- Public Member Functions inherited from BoxWithPlanes3D
 BoxWithPlanes3D ()
 BoxWithPlanes3D (const Vector3 &, const Vector3 &)
virtual ~BoxWithPlanes3D ()
void addPlane (const Plane &)
virtual pair< Vector3, Vector3getBoundingBox ()
virtual Vector3 getAPoint (int) const
virtual bool hasPlane () const
virtual Plane getClosestPlane (const Vector3 &)
virtual bool isIn (const Vector3 &) const
virtual bool isFullyOutside (const Sphere &)
- Public Member Functions inherited from AVolume3D
virtual ~AVolume3D ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from AVolume
virtual ~AVolume ()
virtual int getNumberSubVolumes () const

Protected Attributes

vector< Triangle3Dm_joints
- Protected Attributes inherited from BoxWithPlanes3D
Vector3 m_pmin
Vector3 m_pmax
vector< Planem_planes


ostream & operator<< (ostream &, const BoxWithJointSet &)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from BoxWithPlanes3D
double m_random (double, double) const

Detailed Description

A Box shaped volume with a set of triangular patches to which the particles are fitted. Additionally, an arbitrary number of (boundary) planes can be added to which the particles are fitted.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

BoxWithJointSet::BoxWithJointSet ( )
BoxWithJointSet::BoxWithJointSet ( const Vector3 pmin,
const Vector3 pmax 

Construct box. Just calls constructor of base class.

pminminimum point of bounding box
pmaxmaximum point of bounding box
virtual BoxWithJointSet::~BoxWithJointSet ( )

Member Function Documentation

void BoxWithJointSet::addJoints ( const TriPatchSet t)

add a set of triangular patches as joints

tthe joint set

References m_joints, TriPatchSet::triangles_begin(), and TriPatchSet::triangles_end().

Referenced by exportBoxWithJointSet().

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const map< double, const AGeometricObject * > BoxWithJointSet::getClosestObjects ( const Vector3 p,
int  nmax 
) const

get the n geometrical objects closest to a given point

pthe point
nmaxthe max. nr. of objects
a map of [dist,*object] pairs

Reimplemented from BoxWithPlanes3D.

References m_joints, and BoxWithPlanes3D::m_planes.

bool BoxWithJointSet::isIn ( const Sphere S)

check if a Sphere is inside and doesn't intersect any planes or other objects

Sthe Sphere

Reimplemented from BoxWithPlanes3D.

References Sphere::Center(), m_joints, and Sphere::Radius().

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Friends And Related Function Documentation

ostream& operator<< ( ostream &  ost,
const BoxWithJointSet B 

Member Data Documentation

vector<Triangle3D> BoxWithJointSet::m_joints

Referenced by addJoints(), getClosestObjects(), and isIn().

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